The Library of Babel

after Jorge Luis Borges


premiered September 2017


“In The Library Of Babel, we share space and focus on the now. We hold each other in mutual presence, perfectly tangible in our flesh and blood, and we allow time to take on a quality of irrefutable authenticity.” Suzy Wrong


Do you dare to enter the Library, knowing that everything you are, or could be, is contained inside? Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ short story of the same title, The Library of Babel is an immersive, interactive labyrinth of hexagonal galleries. Audiences must find their way through the maze and the vast array of personalities hiding within. Beware eternal traveler, only if you dare enter the Library may you hope to find its centre and the answers you seek.    


conceived by Claudia Osborne and Emma White

directed by Claudia Osborne

set & costume design: Emma White

production manager: Gabby Chantiri

sound design: Angus Mills

lighting design: Kevin Ng

staging consultant: Kieren Dew

photographs by: Phil Erbacher


featuring the work of: Evan Confos, Isabella Debbage, Vincent Grotte, Emily Haydon, Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Anna Hedstrom, Sally Lewis, Amanda Lim, Sean Maroney, Beth McMullen, Sasha Mishkin, Joseph Murphy, Gemma Scoble, Eliza Scott, Isabella Tannock, Rosie Thomas


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