kleine feinheiten | Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
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Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

by Daniel Evans
with ATYP
june 2017


It’s a stunning play, immensely enjoyable for all its gruesomeness – Artshub


The news vans have moved on, the graffiti’s been painted over and the olds don’t talk about it anymore. You wouldn’t know anything ever happened here, in this suburb, our place. But take it from us, things went down and sh!t got weird. We’ll tell you what happened and we won’t skimp on the details. Spoiler alert: kids get hurt and there isn’t a happy ending but you’ll probably laugh anyway, people are weird like that.


Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore was the winner of the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2014-15. When the script was assessed by ATYP’s youth steering committee, the response was loud and clear: “Hell, yes!”  Moving at breakneck speed with a sense of humor blacker than the screen of a dead phone, this wild new work smashes together Greek myth and suburban horror. The collateral damage reveals a new mythology – one more terrifying than its ancient predecessor: our own.


directed by Fraser Corfield

assistant director: Rowan Bate

second assistant director Claudia Osborne

set & costume design: Mel Liertz

lighting design: Emma Lockhart-Wilson

sound design: Steve Francis

composition: Chrysoulla Markoulli

photographer: Tracey Schramm